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Records in Washington

  • DAR Library:  One of the premier genealogy libraries in the country

  • Library of Congress:  Special family history research room

  • The National Archives I & II:  Each building has many sets of records of great importance to genealogy

New England

I have experience with the types of records created in the early colony of Connecticut - court and probate.

Also a particular focus on two of the earliest created counties - New Haven and Fairfield.

To the right is a page from the original town records of Plymouth, CT, in which sheep marks were kept.  These are the equivalent of cattle brands out west.  Note the dates - 1795.


I have developed a special expertise with the records of the Japanese-American internment held at the National Archives. My husband's family had direct experience with the "camps." This propelled me to learn everything I could about them. These often overlooked records hold a wealth of family information.  They are not always easy to use, but well worth the time.  See my article on this special research project. 

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