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Document Retrieval​

More and more documents are available online daily.  However, the bulk of original documents are still held only at specific repositories.  If you cannot come to Washington, DC, I can get the document for you.  Civil War pensions are among the most common records that I retrieve.  My scanner captures the full color and feel of the originals, and I make the images available quickly via DropBox. 

Relatively Short Projects

A simple project can be answering a single question like "Who was the wife of my 2nd great grandfather?"  However, be aware that “simple” can be a loaded term.  Finding someone’s spouse can turn into a task that takes many research hours.  However, all attempts are made to answer questions in the most efficient manner possible. 

Longer Research Projects

Building an entire family tree, fleshing out the real life experience of an ancestor’s family, and compiling material for applications to lineage societies are larger projects I like to take on.  In the case of these larger projects, the client will receive a full report of findings and copies of important documents reviewed.  If requested, a GEDCOM file, an electronic database, can be provided.  Other options include family group sheets, small charts, and even wall charts.

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