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About Me

Pamela Loos-Noji

  • NGS - National Genealogical Society

  • Montgomery Co (MD) Genealogical Society

  • DAR - Daughters of the American Revolution

  • DFAW - Descendants of the Founders of Ancient Windsor

  • Warren Co (PA) Historical Society


My name is Pamela Loos-Noji and I began my genealogy research career over 17 years ago.  Some would say I haven’t come up for air since.

Like many others, I began researching my own family starting in New England and ending up with some work as far away as Germany and Hawaii!!  Located in Washington, DC, I have access to many great research repositories and have spent many hours in all of them.

In addition to research, I’ve become involved locally in the genealogy community.  I have been on the board of the Montgomery County Historical Society’s Genealogy Club, and been a volunteer at our local Family History Center and at the National Archives.  Work on the project to digitize Civil War widow’s pensions at the National Archives is something of which I'm particularly proud.  I have lectured and taught locally and lectured at national conferences on several occasions. 

You and I together will come to agreement about how I can best help you.  All effort is made to fulfill the agreement without wasting the client's time.  If a project is outside of my expertise, I will say so immediately.

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