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Research is billed at an hourly rate with an initial non-refundable retainer (equal to two hours of research).  All other costs (copies, postage, microfilm rental, etc.) are charged separately in addition to the research fee.  Clients pay for time, not results - so negative searches ARE billed.  For simple document retrievals, please enquire about charges.  


The initial consultation provides the basis for the research plan that will be detailed in a contract that clearly identifies objectives and parameters.  No work will be started without a contract, but client freely chooses how much work is authorized and controls the final budget.  Retainer is applied to hours worked on any approved contract. 

All research is undertaken in good faith, 

but there are no guarantees of the findings  

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Pamela Loos-Noji, Ph.D.

Washington, DC  20012

Cell:  202.215.2373

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