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Kin-work, n., the activity of creating and maintaining relationships among close and extended family members.

Genealogy, also known as Family History, has never been more popular. "Who Do You Think You Are?" was just the beginning.  The pandemic lockdown gave many of us time to think about and begin to learn about our families.


Whether you need help with looking for the maiden name of a 2nd great grandmother or with assembling a complete ancestry back to a family's arrival in the New World, I can help.


Once you know the facts, I can help bring to life the stories that each family’s experience has to tell.  Whether short or long, such stories can enrich our lives as we expand our “kin” not only to those we can meet today, but also to those who have gone before us.

You might need help to get past a brick wall in your research... 

     You might need someone to do the research for you...

Are you ready to let me help you learn YOUR family's story?
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